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Social6Braces - Inman Aligner Social 6

Inman Aligner Social 6

The Inman Aligner is a removable brace with four high-technology coil springs. It needs to be worn for 18 hours per day and can therefore be left out for important social occasions or business meetings. It can be used to straighten either the upper front teeth or front lower teeth, but only one arch at a time. 

Inman aligner social 6 brace

The front of the brace is made of clear, hard acrylic meaning that it is less visible than a fixed brace. There is also an expander version of the Inman Aligner which needs to be worn for 20 hours per day; in selected cases, the expander appliance can dramatically reduce the treatment time.

Fees are typically £1695 (for a standard appliance) and £1825 (for an expander appliance) per arch. Only one arch at a time can be treated with an Inman aligner.