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Social6Braces - Fees


An initial consultation to see if you are a suitable candidate for Social 6 orthodontic treatment is FREE.

If you are suitable and keen to investigate your options further, we would then take a series of digital photographs of your teeth, impressions for a set of plaster study casts and any necessary radiographs of the teeth planned to be moved. These orthodontic records enable us to formulate a full treatment plan with different options if applicable. There is a fee of £80 for these records, which is deducted from the fee for your orthodontic treatment should you later decide to go ahead. 

Every patient is given a full written estimate of costs and estimated length of treatment for their individual situation before any treatment is started.

The following list is a guide to our fees for treating one arch.

(If both arches are treated at the same time, then the total fee would be reduced by 20%).

  • Social 6 Clear Aligners £1,395 (three aligners for mild cases) up to £1,795 (eight aligners for moderate cases) 
  • Social 6 Fixed appliance £1,395 if you choose metal brackets and £1,595 for clear ceramic brackets.
  • Social 6 Inman Aligner £1,695 for standard appliance and £1,825 for expander appliance.

Payment is by cash, cheque or credit/debit card. 50% of the fee is due on fitting the appliance(s) and the remainder on fitting the fixed retainer(s).

We also offer 12 months interest-free credit or 2-3 year low interest finance packages.

Information about Social 6 braces; a free 4 page guide to answer all your questions.

Here is a sample of the results from our recent in-house patient survey of 45 consecutive Social 6 patients.