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Social6Braces - Commitment to Quality

Quality Care is Our Priority

Kelvin House Dental Practice is committed to high standards of work and quality of care; it is both a Denplan Excel and a BDA GoodPractice accredited practice. We also comply with the 16 Essential Standards as drawn up by the Care Quality Commission and the 9 Standards set by the General Dental Council.

All of our dental work has to pass "the daughter test'. This test, first postulated by Martin Kelleher, Consultant in Restorative Dentistry at Kings College, should be used by dentists whenever they are planning cosmetic dentistry that may involve an element of tooth destruction: ‘Knowing what I know about dentistry and the effects of this elective treatment on the health and structure of the teeth in the long term, would I carry out this treatment on my own daughter?’ 

Social 6 Braces, sometimes combined with composite bonding and tooth whitening is the LEAST invasive technique available for significantly improving the smile.

We keep up to date by attending postgraduate courses organised by some of the World's top clinicians.

Social 6 Braces post-treatment questionnaires show that our patients are extremely happy with their new smile and would recommend this type of treatment to their friends (and many do!).

Here are some of the results from our recent in-house survey of 45 consecutive Social 6 patients:

Watch the Video Testimonials from some of our existing patients or read this Social 6 Wedding testimonial.

What if I have a complaint?

If you have a concern or complaint, please let us know via one of our receptionists and we will deal with it properly and speedily through our in-house complaints procedure. We would be happy to discuss your concern with you, and hopefully resolve the matter quickly and informally. A copy of our Complaints Procedure is available for download.

If any complaint cannot be resolved in-house, Denplan has a fully independent mediation service, while an independent complaints procedure for private dental care is now available via the Dental Complaints Service which is funded by the General Dental Council.