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Social6Braces - Home


We are not taking on any new Social 6 Braces until 2017. We are creating a list of interested patients and can email you when we start taking on new patients. Either ring the practice or email us to be put on this list.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

This patient from Whitstable was treated with a Social 6 upper fixed brace in just 16 weeks.

Social 6 before and after treatment

New technologies and techniques now enable dentists to rapidly straighten misaligned upper or lower front teeth. Social Six Orthodontic treatment can quickly and gently move teeth into a more harmonious position. Using Inman Aligners, clear aligners (which work in a similar way to Invisalign) or fixed braces, most patients are now able to have their smile and confidence restored in just 16-18 weeks. 

Information about Social 6 braces; a free 4 page guide to answer all your questions.

Case Studies in Orthodontics; download a 12 page brochure showing the types of cases that I treat with both conventional and Social 6 Braces.

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